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Why AC should be serviced regularly?

Air-conditioners have become a must-have equipment to beat the real heat of summer. We, from MustGreen shall help you ensure the best performance and peak functioning of the device with minimal energy consumption throughout the summer. Air-conditioners have to be serviced every six months, especially before arrival of summer to protect against unexpected failures and major breakdowns. And the servicing may become costlier if it’s not serviced regularly and on-time. Regular service and undertaking predictive maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the device and recover the loss efficiency.

Air-conditioners collect dirt and accumulate dust not just when it’s running but also when it’s not in use. Majority of people wait until there is some sound or breakdown to service the Air-conditioner. But, even without displaying such signs, ie. when the device is on a smooth-run, it might lose about 5% operating efficiency every year. Regular servicing will reduce the electricity bills and also dehumidify the area better.

Why MustGreen?

Being one of the best AC Service centers in coimbatore, we help our customers in AC installation of multiple brands and varieties. We strive to provide professional and affordable repair and maintenance services for HVAC and other house-hold systems. WIth cutting-edge innovative solutions, we are known for on-time service at a reasonable cost. Our professionals will check and clean the condensing unit coils, amp draw of the condenser, the belts, apart from oiling the fan motors, adjusting the coolant level, and checking the operating pressure and temperature against those specified by the manufacturer. Being an independent air-conditioner servicing contractor and with an upfront pricing model, we service at a rate that is 25-30% lower than that of the other leading brands. We undertake installation and repair of AC’s of all brands in the market- both residential and commercial. We work to ensure the safety and comfortability needs of every customer in the market. If you’re looking for a service at a lower cost, yet with more values and on-time, MustGreen is your one-stop store.

AC Installation Service in Coimbatore

Are you looking for a reliable professional who could install your new AC?

All that you have to do is to call MustGreen.

Our professional will support you throughout the whole process-from choosing a brand and to design the cooling solution as per your budget and other requirements, everything at the step of your door. We are experts in designing cooling solutions for both commercial and residential purpose, and help you install the AC with utmost professionalism and perfection, while ensuring that it works at its best. With our low-cost service contracts, you can avail discounts and regular predictive maintenance- monthly/Alternate-months/Quarterly as per your requirements.

Air Conditioner AMC (Annual maintenance charges)

It is a good thought to have checked your system by one of your maintenance experts, before the cooling or heating season arrive. As your system continues to run Small problems can become bigger problems.  Mustgreen offer preventative maintenance and service Contracts.

Types of AMC

Comprehensive contract

Comprehensive contract

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